Back 2 Work!

And back from the USA, directly followed by weeks full with one exam after the other. Why did I enlist for this? One wonders…If you followed any of the FB news you might have noticed we did have two great gigs in Stockbridge, Massachusetts at the notorious Red Lion Inn, way down in their Lion’s Den. Live music, seven days a week! We got to fill in on two most awesome nights. The 2nd evening we played, the place was packed. Randi Craft (local booker), thank you! Glenn’s (and Nicole’s) wedding was a most romantic setting. They made the gods put on a big smile especial for them that day. Happiness all around.

Back to (music) business. I am working on a possible new project with one of my former school mates, from Antwerp Kunst Humaniora, Thomas Zwijsen (Check out his website: Will let you know all about it once the project is sort of happening. We (Ashtraynutz) played at Stiels Haarlem again but, before that, just after we got back home, November 2nd, the Tess & Chiefs gig at Maloe Melo. Again one big party.
Make sure to stay updated…