Getting in the holiday mood!

Hello all,

Sorry to say I did not get into the Pop Academy so at present very busy to look into
greater things. First of course there is holiday time.
We will al be going to Sziget (Budapest) festival. Should be a lot of fun (and music). Too
bad Amy Whinehouse will not be attending.
Our next T&C gig then will be on our (me and twinbrother Joël) birthday, August 21st, at
Parckpop Ilpendam but before we go you will all have to come and see Ahtraynutz play
at Napa Rui, Zandvoort, July 30th!
Per end of September Dusty and I will be touring with the “Sas en Jan zelfhulptoer”. We
will be playing a few appropriate songs, acoustic, in between their interaction with the
audience. Should be good fun to act as their musical intermezzo. Check out the playlist!
Trailer, with our song “You love me” to be found also on this website.
Keep checking the agenda. See you all in Zandvoort with Ashtraynutz!