I’m so excited!…

This week is going to be a very exciting week!

My ‘Duizend Stemmen in Carré’ choir is full! 50 people signed up for the choir to sing along with me at the 8th of September in Carré. Before we do the big event in Carre with a thousand people we will do one separate show, just my 50 “peeps” and me. We selected the Sarphatihuis (a nursing home very close to my house). A very suitable location, great building with wonderful acoustics. I’m very curious to see how the residents will react to our show. This week we will be rehearsing and than Friday, June 8th, the big day! We’ll be doing one of my own songs ‘You Love Me’ and 2 of my favorite artist ‘Ella Fitzgerald’. A Guy is a Guy & Take the A Train. Come and see us! I think it’s going to be like something you’ve never seen or heard before!

Something totally different from the above; Last week (the 30th of may) a collab with DJ Louis Bailar was released. It’s a dance/house track called ‘Unable to Speak’. Go check it out on YouTube and soon on iTunes. So far we already have a lot of nice comments on the track.

Other exiting news, we’re working on the first Ashtraynutz live EP. We’ve been recording last week and we’re in the mixing progress at the moment. You can check us out in the Dutch Hitkrant! Our first upcoming gig (with me on the backings) is on the 30th of June @ de Unie in Rotterdam. For all gigs go to:

Stay tuned!




That’s it folks! Hope you all will enjoy your summer to the fullest!