News, and about time too!

Something new and exciting, see website Together with 24 various other singers (more actually as some are duo’s) I am participating in this interesting vocal project. I am very curious what the composer, Merlijn Twaalfhoven, is going to make of this. Also of course very interested to find who, what kind of nice people, I will be working with. It is quite a challenge. And all this in my hometown, Amsterdam. You must check out the website and stay tuned! Also, while you still can, hop on. If you like to sing and also live in Amsterdam, join! (see instructions on the site)

Well, this is the latest project. Something else, also very exciting, is us, or better still, Ashtraynutz, my twinbrothers band, supporting Chef’Special on tour. So far we “did” Paradiso and Tivoli, coming weekend Oosterpoort Groningen and Nieuwe Oogst Rotterdam. (updates on shows, see the page)

Paradiso to me was very special. We’ve known the place since we were kids. Going to concerts with our parents. Since we are back living in Amsterdam I have been at  various parties there. Shortly before our support show there I went to see D’Angelo. It was one of the best shows I had ever seen. The feeling to stand on that very same stage was extremely exciting.

I can hardly wait to go back there on stage with my very own show!

You might have seen the interview in the March NL magazines. (10/20 etc). I did get a lot of very nice reactions after the magazine was distributed.

Last week we, Tess & The Chiefs, were asked by “Swingie” for his next Dordt Rocks episode. It was filmed at the “Zottekot” and I am sure you will all like the end result. We had great fun, you will see why when it’s  online.

In between, as always, working on new songs. Some very promising (well, thats my opinion, might not be a shared idea). I am hoping to release an EP sometime before the summer to share with you guys. Follow us!

Twitter: Tess Gaerthe

Facebook: Tess&theChiefs

And, if you are interested in singing lessons/workshops, send an email to

Oh, also check the fan site, updated!
Update on news to follow hopefully sooner than this time.