Side projects added!

All of us in the band are also involved in all kinds of other music related projects. Dusty is busy with his band The Rhythm Chiefs, website to be found under “links”. Joel is working, writing/composing with Jim Barbosa, on his Ashtraynutz project and I have been working on my demo for school with Donovan. To share part of these projects with you we have added the Side Projects section to the Music Page. You can listen to the demo-tracks on the site. Style etc is of course totally different from what we do with the band but I love trying out all, to me, new sounds.

I was also asked by Louis Bailar to work on lyrics/vocals to one of his beats. Listen to the radio-edit of “Higher”.

Keep an eye out for our side projects! Whenever we have something interesting (per our opinion, that is) to add we will let you know.

Next week more Tess & The Chiefs business. Monday evening you can find us at the Waterhole in Amsterdam at around 21.00. The jam session to follow is to start at 22.30. See the Shows page for more info.

Then of course the gig we are all looking forward to on the Saturday night at Maloe Melo. See you there!