October 5th
Way behind again on updates here! With all the means of social media, information going back and forth, I tend to forget to update the website.
Here we go, in short:
The “1000 stemmen in Carré” event was awesome. To keep rehearsing just a small part of a big event seems at first very confusing, but once all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place you get to see (listen to) the whole picture.
So on the big day, September 8th, we did get a lot of very positive feedback after the two times we did the performance. It all worked out well and even the weather was on our side. It was great to participate! 
The next exiting event, apart of course from working and performing with Ashtraynutz, was being invited to join the Friday evening Jazz night at Club Dauphine. Great musicians, a.o. Roger Happel and Martin Verdonk. I was dead nervous, as usual, and had to start the show by walking down the stairs, singing, wearing new heels. But I survived! Thanks Martijn Roos, I will definitely be visiting Club Dauphine more often. They really go out of their way to organize a great musical happening.
Apart from singing and related music stuff I started school again. Trying to go for my bachelors degree in music management. Another four years as a student. The school year just started so it’s too early to say much about this study. So far, so good and again being confirmed that math, and related subjects, is not my strongest suit. I will have to work around that.
First though, our long anticipated vacation in the USA. Our good friend Glenn Geiger is getting married and we do not want to miss witnessing this for the world! So, that event gave us a great excuse to plan a vacation around. Massachusetts and New York, here we come!